Monday, Thought for the Day

When we let the love in our heart come to the surface, most worries simply crumble away; competitive strategies and jealous motives cease to control us. The most important thing to remember is that positive events are occurring, on their own — without our intervention. We let love take us to the people and situations that define our path to freedom. ~~ C.J. Good

Thursday, Thought for the Day

~~ Love is the foundation of everything: it floats in the air, it is expressed in our eyes, and shines on our face in strangely frolicsome expressions; it appears in art, in sermons, and in conversations. Everyone is acquainted with it, but very few understand it. It challenges us to question, to express ourselves; strange thoughts inhabit our minds. Love lifts us up, far above everything else on earth.~~ from: "Precious Gifts of Love" - Amazon

Friday, Thought for the Day

~~There are no burdens when it comes to love. No more exaggerating our superiority in public, no more hot headedness, or strong-mindedness. We essentially become humble. Love produces a special prosperity that embodies the whole emotional spectrum. Nothing else can duplicate this phenomenon. ~~ C.J. Good

Thursday, Thought for the Day

~~ Without feeling distress or trembling, I patiently watch what happens. I inwardly detach. I have learned that certain developments have a positive outcome, regardless of my input or deliberate intervention. ~~ C.J. Good

Sunday, Thought for the Day

~~ If you want to grow and feel complete, invite a relationship in. It just might bring the whole world to your feet. In return give your friend all the freedom they need and never take advantage of their honesty. Know that your companion has the strength to honor and teach you. Do not consider yourself to be bigger or wiser; strive to be humble...and listen. ~~ C.J. Good

Thursday, Thought for the Day

~~ If life were a terminal illness, would you live it with unrestrained joy and passion? Develop this ability while you are still young. That way, when you get old, you will never have regrets. Love comes knocking on your door in a moment, and stays with you for eternity.~~ C.J. Good

Wednesday, Thought for the Day

~~ We are here to cheer one another, to associate, to celebrate, and nullify all disparities that separate us.  Remember, at the sub-atomic level, we are one. If someone sheds tears because of our honesty, it is preferable than having them smile with our deceptions. Our powerful nature starts to sense that happiness is dashing through the neighborhood trying to catch us. ~~ C.J. Good